Expert Glass & Aluminum's Repair Services in New Hampshire

Our skilled team restores and renews, be it at our facility, your home, or your job site, your glass and aluminum doors and windows, bringing comfort, security, and elegance back to your space.

Don't Compromise on Safety or Comfort

Invest in Superior Glass and Aluminum Solutions

Ignoring damaged glass and aluminum installations can lead to more than just safety risks and unsightly appearances. It can also create an uncomfortable living or working environment and lead to unnecessary expenses. High energy bills due to inefficient windows are burdens you shouldn’t have to bear. Your wallet deserves relief.
Choose Beckett Glass & Aluminum in New Hampshire
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Quality & Safety

Make the Smart Choice. Choose Quality, Choose Safety

Choose Beckett Glass & Aluminum in New Hampshire

At Beckett Glass & Aluminum, we’re not just in the business of glass and aluminum repairs but restoring your peace of mind. With our superior glass and aluminum solutions in New Hampshire, you’re not just investing in high-quality materials. You’re also investing in your safety, comfort, and, above all, peace of mind. With an impressive legacy of 100 years of accumulated experience, we’ve honed our skills perfectly. Let us help you create a beautiful, safer, and more efficient environment.

Tailored Glass & Aluminum Services in New Hampshire

Some of the repair services we have become known for include:

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Sash & screen repairs and custom fabrication

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Window, Plate, and safety glass cut to your specifications

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Replacement of failed or broken insulated glass units

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Plexiglas* & Lexan* products cut to your specifications

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Storefront repair service

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Commercial and residential window repair

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Storm door & window repairs

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Security Ballistic Glass & Frames

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Our Promise

Enhanced Living Experience with Beckett Glass & Aluminum

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Restored Comfort

Experience the comfort of a space made whole again. Our repairs bring back the warmth and coziness you've missed and offer significant cost savings.

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Enhanced Security

Security matters. Feel safe and protected while appreciating the aesthetics and practicality of our work.

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Peace of Mind

Find peace of mind in knowing your space is restored to its best condition and optimized for beauty, functionality, and cost savings.

Our Repair Process:
Simple, Efficient, Effective

Here's how we do it:


Contact Us

Let us know about your needs. We evaluate the damage, make recommendations, and provide you with a free quote on our services.

Precision Repair

Our skilled team meticulously repairs your glass and aluminum at our facility, your home, or your job site.

Enjoy Your New Space!

We guarantee that the end result aligns with our rigorous standards of excellence and your complete satisfaction.

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