Premier Glass & Aluminum's Installation Services in New Hampshire

Discover our comprehensive installation services, featuring the fabrication and installation of custom shower enclosures, 3-season porch enclosures, glass furniture tops, commercial storefronts, and much more.
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Quality & Elegance

You Deserve Excellence. Why Settle for Anything Less?

Don't let the challenges of installation stand in the way.

The stakes are indeed high when it comes to crafting spaces that inspire, comfort, and impress. The gamble of DIY projects or entrusting your space to inexperienced installers can result in expensive errors and constant stress. Let’s transform this scenario. With our seasoned expertise, we leave no room for costly mistakes or frustrations. Trust us with your space, and we’ll craft an environment that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Transform Your Space with Our Expert Installation

Your vision is our blueprint; we're here to bring it to life.

Our projects go beyond mere installations; they are meticulously crafted, using premium products and cutting-edge technology to meet the highest standards. Handled by our professional team with an impressive 100 years of combined experience, they are measured, ordered, prepared, installed, and serviced, guaranteeing precision and excellence in every project.

Tailored Glass & Aluminum Services in New Hampshire

Some of The Services We Have Become Known For Include:

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Custom shower enclosure design assistance, fabrication & installation

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Custom mirrors cut to size & installed

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Screen & “3-Season” porch enclosure options

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Window, plate, and safety glass cut to your specifications

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Storm door & window installations and hardware

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Glass furniture top fabrication & installation

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Decorative cabinet glass installation

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Plexiglas* & Lexan* products cut to your specifications

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Storefront fabrication and installation

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Our Promise

Experience the Exceptional Results You Envisioned

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Inspired Living

Experience the inspiration that comes with a space expertly transformed to reflect your vision.

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Functional Elegance

Enjoy the elegance and functionality of spaces designed for both beauty and purpose.

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Peace of Mind

Find peace of mind in knowing your installation is handled by professionals who care for every detail.

Our Installation Process:
Simple, Efficient, Effective

Here's how we do it:


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We thoroughly evaluate your project needs, offering expert recommendations and a complimentary quote for our services.

Customization and Professional Installation:

We match your vision with precision. Our skilled team ensures flawless execution to the highest standards.

Enjoy an Upgraded Space

Now, bask in the comfort and beauty of your upgraded space, complete with your new glass or window, and experience the difference.

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