Security Glazing

There are several types of “Security Glazing” that may be specified by your architect, designer or project manager.

Some products are designed for “Ballistic Rating”, others for “Forced Entry”. There are also security products that are specifically produced for “Blast Protection”.

These products can be monolithic (single layer) or laminated (multiple layers bonded together).

The laminated products can be glass laminates, acrylics and poly carbonates. There are products that combine a number of different products and thicknesses to achieve the level of protection desired for addressing the threat needing to defend against.

There are several testing agencies that certify these products, UL, HP White and the products are generally classified as Level 1 thru Level 3. Each level having been tested to withstand an assault by a ballistic threat or sustained physical attack over a specific period of time.

We are pleased to offer a variety of ballistic and Forced Entry rated glazing products and assemblies by a number of manufactures. We hope you will bring us your specifications and allow us to help you find the right materials for your project.